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Alex Schneideman

Born: 1969 London, England
Lives and works in London, England

The Corrections are a series of twenty seven images which are characterised by their general form. The Corrections are the photographic record of the layers of geometric paint colour resulting from the process of municipal graffiti obliteration.

These pieces examine the nature of randomness. There was never an over-arching intention for these paint forms – they are not representative of anything nor do they try to define anything- they are and that is all.

There is no thought behind them other than that which is required to carry out a prosaic, bureaucratic function. Yet out of this chaotic randomness emerge forms which are the essence of concise, uncontrived shape-making. The processes, both physical and intellectual, required to make these prints echo how the human eye assesses the aesthetic or qualitative nature of its surrounding environment, that is to say, creates meaning where none exists. These interpretations can intersect to produce a certain perspective which can be described as an ‘aesthetic’.

The Corrections are an attempt to create a physical form of that human process.

The images were captured with a film camera. The negatives were scanned and are printed by the artist. Pigment prints on Hahnemuhle paper in an edition of 20 of 8 x 10 inches and 40 x 50 inches.

A color catalogue is available of the entire series.

Alex Schneideman’s photographs have been exhibited in London, San Francisco and Miami.