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Darin Steinberg

Born: 1970 Pacifica, California
Lives and works in Pacifica, California

Darin Steinberg’s photographs of places and people are documents to the human presence. A terraced field in Thailand, a cathedral drape in Italy and a border fence in Mexico tell us as much about the place as the people. A sensitivity to light, movement and expression connect the different parts of the world.

All of these images were captured with a Hasselblad camera. Prints are 16 x 20 inches. Selenium-toned silver prints. Edition of 35.

1995 BFA San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA

Selected Exhibitions
2005 Chandler Fine Art, San Francisco, CA
2005 SFMOMA Rental Art Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2004 Chandler Fine Art, San Francisco, CA