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Linda Hope

Artist Statement

Born 1958 Chambley, France
Lives and works in San Francisco, California

The sources of the specific images in these paintings remain obscure, even to the artist. A viewer can think about their derivation in terms of Jungian symbology or of archetypal forms, but these sorts of explanations seem lacking, superficial, too easy. These paintings are visual and metaphorical manifestations of the spiritual concerns and internal personal investigations of life. In the most successful of instances, the works become embodiments of or allusions to the spiritual.

Images that tend to recur are circles or rings and wheels; spheres or balls; disks and cones. Due to the layering of colors in an order of dark over light, or muted over intense, the surfaces possess a glowing quality, the light source remaining ambiguous but seeming to come from within.

One hopes that when people see these paintings, they will recognize something familiar; that the feelings engendered by the work itself will be similar to the feelings that gave impetus during its creation. And that that elusive familiarity will occur without the struggle of intellectual mediation.

Linda Hope’s work is part of many public and private collections including AT&T, Xerox, ABC Television and the US Department of State.


1978 BFA University of Texas, Austin TX
1974-76 Southwest Texas State University, San Marcos TX