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Seiji Yamauchi

Born 1974 Hamamatsu, Japan
Lives in Tokyo, Japan

In his new paintings, the artist continues his exploration of reincarnation and rebirth of the soul, a notion derived from Buddhism and the Japanese traditional religion Shintoism. In these works, each line and dot represents human life. The small and large dots combine to make waves symbolizing human biorhythms. The crossing lines and dots express the ‘meeting’ of people and happenings.
Mr Yamauchi was born in Hammamatsu, Japan. He received a diploma of Visual Art from the Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE in 2005. His work has been shown in Japan, Australia and California.


Solo Exhibitions

2017. Mar 18 – May 27  “Coral Rising: New Paintings” at Chandler Fine Art in San Francisco USA

2016.Sep 7  – Sep 28

Art Exhibition “Fusion of Passions” at Sezon Art Gallery in Omotesando,Tokyo               Japan

2014.Oct 17  – Dec 15

Art Exhibition “Coral Spawning” at Bohemian New York , New York                                      USA

2014.June 8 – July 6

Art Exhibition “Photo x Art” at Tamachi 324 Art Gallery in Hamamatsu                               Japan

2012.Aug 4 – Sep 5

Art Exhibition “Coral Spawning” at Chandler Fine Art in San Francisco                                USA


Multi Media Art Exhibition “LIFE” at Tanks Art Centre (Art,Photos,Dance and Live Art )   Australia

Photo Exhibition “ Beijing – London 15,000km ” in Hamamatsu                                           Japan

Art Exhibition “Passion of  Music” at Bank of Shizuoka in Hamamatsu                              Japan


2016.Sep 9.10 Performance art at [Sezon Art Gallery] in Omotesando Tokyo

2016.Jul  24  The Nippon Foundation event  “Sea Project in Lake Hamana 2016” Performance art in Shizuoka Japan

2016.Jan 21  MTG anniversary event  for MDNA (Madonna and MTG collaboration cosmetics) in Osaka Japan

2016.Jan 12  MTG anniversary event  for MDNA (Madonna and MTG collaboration cosmetics) in Tokyo Japan

2015.Dec 1   West Pomerania Marcial’s office event “Japan Fest”  in Szczecin Poland

2015.Nov 29 Rotary Club Szczecin Charity event “Akcja Serducho”  in Poland

2015.Nov 25 Radio Szczecin Interview and performance art at studio  in Poland

2015.Oct 24  Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa 400th anniversary memorial event “Ieyasu Festival” in Hamamatsu Japan

2015.Sep 11  ART x JAZZ Live performance art concert in Hamamatsu Japan

2015.Aug 8    Az Matsuri Summer Festival in Aichi Japan

2015.April 25 Performance art for Shogun Ieyasu Tokugawa 400th anniversary memorial event  in Japan

2014.Nov 15  Performance art for Seoul SASADA Fashion show in South Korea

2014.Nov 4    Performance art at NHK Shizuoka TV in Japan

2014.Oct 30   Performance art concert for Japan Million Club anniversary event  in Japan

2014.Oct 26   Performance art concert at Samurai Festival at Hamamatsu castle park  in Japan

2014.Aug 3    Live art at Nakano Broadway Tokyo Japan

2014.July 7    Performance art concert at Porte Theater in Japan

2014.May 11 Performance art concert and art exhibition at TOYOTA LEXUS WADA in Japan

2014.Apr 27   Performance art at Ieyasu Rakuichi (Samurai Festival) in Japan

2014.Mar 10  Performance art at Sanctuary Publishing event in Shibuya,Tokyo

2014.Feb 20  Performance art for 32th Sasada Design Competition special event in Hamamatsu city Japan

2013.Oct 10   Performance art at Shizuoka Asahi TV in Shizuoka                                       Japan

2013.Jun 15  “Australia’s Got Talent”  at Queensland Performance Art Center in Brisbane, Australia

2013.Apr 28  Performance art at Ieyasu Rakuichi (Samurai Festival)                                       Japan

2013.Feb 9    Performance art  with violin and guitar at Cairns Chinese New Year                Australia

2012.Aug 18  Live art concert with violin and piano at Cairns Festival                                     Australia

2012.April 15 Live art concert “Fusion of Passions” with violin and piano and DJ                 Japan

2011.12         Hamamatsu city 100th anniversary event opening ceremony                           Japan
2011,2010     Art Renaissance Hamamatsu art museum event                                                 Japan
2009.10-11 Live art concert tour “Fusion of Passions”  in Hamamatsu , Niigata and Tokyo
2008.Oct       Soul Switch in Marunouchi Tokyo for YAMAHA and SUMITOMO Eco project Japan

2007.12  Live Art with traditional Japanese Dancers in Tokyo   “Love and Sincerity”            Japan

2006.10  Live Art with opera and piano concert  “Fusion of Passions”                                    Japan


Live Art with Dancers for “Deamscape” at Tjapukai Aboriginal Dance Theatre in Festival Cairns                                                                                                                                                    Australia

Live Art with Dancers for Australia Japan Society “JAPAN WEEK” Cairns                             Australia

Group Exhibition

2012.1-2011.12  “Art Kite” at Tokyo International Forum
2007.7   “Art Fair” at MOTT Gallery in Tokyo
2005.11 “RESONANCE” at Cairns Regional Gallery                                        Australia
2003.12 Cairns Art Society Exhibition at Paradise Palms Atrium Gallery  Australia

Educations / Workshops

2016.Oct.14    Performance art and workshop at Hamamatsu disabled school in Shizuoka Japan

2016.Sep.21    Performance art [Kotoh Jhonetsu Festival Final] at Kotoh junior high school in Japan

2016.Mar.10    Performance art concert at Kotoh junior high school in Japan

2015.Mar.16    Performance art for 80th anniversary event at Hirosawa primary school in Japan

2015.Mar.9      Performance art concert at Nakagori junior high school in Japan

2015.Feb.17     Lecture at Kawawa primary school in Japan

2015.Jan.22     Performance art concert and talk at Kohnan junior high school in Japan

2014.Dec.3       Performance art concert with 100 students at Koto junior high school in Japan

2014.June.15   Performance art concert at Nagoya University  Japan

2014.June.13   Performance art and lecture at Yoshin Junior High school in Hamamatsu Japan

2014.Feb           Performance art and workshop at Kawawa primary school in Hamamatsu Japan

2014.Feb           Performance art Sasada Design Competition in Hamamatsu Japan

2013.Oct 9        Fire Performance art  at Kotoh junior high school in Japan

2012.Oct.27      Performance art Sasada Gakuen High school in Hamamatsu ,Japan

2012.Oct.23     Workshop at Hamamatsu Minami no hoshi primary school in Hamamatsu                 Japan

2012.Oct.17      Workshop at Hamamatsu Kohnan Junior High school in Hamamatsu   Japan

2012.Oct 9         Land art at sand dune with 220 Sunaoka Primary school students in Hamamatsu     Japan

2012.April 26    Workshop at Hamamatsu Gakuin Juonior High school         Japan

2012.3               Art exhibition and Cultural Event with 240 students at Hokusei Junior High School     Japan
2012.1               Workshop at Minami no Hoshi primary school in Hamamatsu    Japan
2011.11           “Live Art Museum” as Lecturer at Hamamatsu Art Museum        Japan
2003.6              Workshop at Trinity Anglican School in Cairns                               Australia
2001.5              Workshop at Tenryu and Goto Kindergartens in Hamamatsu      Japan