Classic and Specialty Frames

We make custom frames for all types of art including photographs, drawings, paintings, textiles, prints and posters.

We use different materials to build a variety of frames from our standard, classic frames to complex specialty frames. 

Email with the size and style of frame and we will send you a quote!


Our classic standard frames offer several budget-friendly options. They look great on awards, certificates or posters and are perfect for when you need a frame in a custom size fast.  For a quote, send us an email.

Turnaround time varies from one or two days to a week depending on the quantity. We value quality over speed. All of our frames are vised by hand to insure strong corners.

The materials used to make our classic standard frames come from suppliers who are committed to quality and sustainability. Studio Moulding is a FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and COC (Chain of Custody) certified company.

PictureWoods, based in Boulder, Colorado, mills only renewable North American hardwoods including walnut, ash, white oak, hard maple and cherry. Their hand-finished moulding maintains the beauty of the wood.



Our specialty frames are made using the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. They elevate any piece of artwork from a hand-written note to a large format photograph into a one of a kind piece.

Specialty frames come in contemporary, modern or traditional styles. They are built using ‘old-world’ techniques such as splined corners and water gilding.

From carved, gold-leaf period frames to contemporary silver-leaf to tiger maple to stainless steel floaters, our extraordinary selection makes us one of the few ‘true’ custom framing shops in the Bay Area.

Our clients include Save the Redwoods, Twitch, City Arts & Lectures, ODADA, Cloudflare, The CJM, Fehr & Peers, Matson Navigation, Schramsberg Winery, and the St. Regis Hotel and Residences.


We make custom framed mirrors in any size, shape or finish to complement your home’s style.

Our specialty mirror options include heavy and light antique, blue, smoke and starphire. Starphire mirror glass provides the truest, clearest reflection.

When fitting mirror glass into frames, we use a special adhesive to secure it to the backing material. This prevents the mirror from shattering in the event of an impact.

Our framed mirrors come with all the necessary hanging hardware and we offer delivery and installation services. Email for a mirror quote.

Acrylic Boxes

Acrylic boxes are made to hold two and three-dimensional pieces such as textiles and objects. They are designed to either hang on a wall or sit on a table top.

Boxes that hang on walls are five-sided. The back of the box is a wood frame covered in fabric, museum board or other material and then the artwork is placed on that and the box is attached to the frame with screws.

This design is often used for tapestries, masks, and other three dimensional pieces.

Acrylic boxes can be made with clear, uv filtering or optium museum acrylic. For a quote on a custom acrylic box send us an email.