Alexis Manheim

Alexis Manheim

'You Miss Me'

July 5 - July 29th 2022

Artist Reception
Saturday July 9th
3:00 - 5:00 pm

We are pleased to present Carmel, California-based artist Alexis K. Manheim’s new show ‘You Miss Me’.

This is the artists seventh solo show at the gallery and although it has been a decade since her last exhibition, we still see in this new series the same ‘controlled chaos’ and saturated color as in her previous work.

The exhibition includes both her newest series where she has moved away from the square format to explore circles as well as selected earlier works.

Ms. Manheim’s influences are varied and range from traditional sumi-e painting to ancient alchemy illustrations.

There is always a tension in her work between the precise and premeditated ritual of mark making versus the momentum of the session and the danger of losing control. And yet the completed work never feels  ‘out of control’.