Art Installation

Installation services for oversized works and specialty surfaces such as brick, concrete or fabric.

Security hardware is available for pictures installed in public spaces or where safety is a concern. Security hardware is recommended when hanging heavy picture frames over sofas or beds due to seismic activity in the Bay Area.

Packing and Shipping

Packing and shipping services available.

Coordinating packing/crating and shipping of work in collaboration with specialized freight companies and art handlers.

Shipping throughout the United States and internationally.

Conservation Treatment

We work with professional conservators to provide assessment and treatment of works on paper and paintings. Conservation treatment can dramatically improve a work of art or piece of historical memorabilia that has been damaged.

Recommendations for conservators for textiles, photographs and other materials.

For more information on conservation treatment visit

Frame Restoration

We work with professional restorers to repair or regild  frames.



Recommendations for appraisers who can document and appraise your collection.