We provide installation services in San Francisco and most of Northern California.

Different hanging methods are required based on the size, weight and location of the pictures. On walls that are fabric, lath and plaster, metal or stone, we use specialty hardware to provide the proper support but with the least impact to the wall’s surface.

French cleats are recommended for large pictures. Security hardware can be used for pieces installed in public spaces to provide both safety and security.

The Bay Area is prone to earthquakes and security hardware is recommended for heavy frames and mirrors.

For more information on our services including pricing and availability, please email 

Packing and Shipping

We provide packing and shipping throughout the United States and internationally for art or frames purchased from us. For other projects, we recommend Ship Art.

Proper packing, including wood crates if necessary will insure your artwork arrives safely. For delicate or high-value pictures , we use Airfloat ‘strong boxes’.

We provide on-site packing services for your artwork for local moves. Email us for more information on our packing and shipping services.

For storing art and memorabilia, we recommend using archival materials.  These include acid-free boxes, glassine and interleaving.

Art storage solutions at Talas Conservation, Archival and Bookbinding Supplies and University Products.

Conservation Treatment

A work of art, piece of memorabilia or a historical document can be dramatically improved with proper conservation treatment.

We work with professional conservators to provide assessment and treatment of works on paper and paintings. Some pieces can benefit greatly from very minor treatments while others may need extensive work.

Conservation of photographs tends to be more complicated than other types of art. Learn more about photography conservation here. 

For textile cleaning and restoration, contact Talisman Restoration and to learn more about conservation visit


A professional appraiser can document your collection for insurance purposes and/or determine its market value if you are considering selling it.

An appraisal will provide you with in-depth knowledge about the works in your collection regardless of its size or value. Most appraisals can be done remotely.

Visit Hobart Associates and Michaan’s Auctions to learn more about the different types of appraisals.