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Wayne Hoy

Born: 1941 Estherville, IA
Lives and works in San Francisco, California

The artist’s statement on the ‘Twilight Series’

The San Francisco landscape has interested me for a long time, especially in the numerous variations of how the city’s architecture reflects the features of its mountains and hills. My current series of black and white images carefully examines the truly unique nature of the landscape here during the transitional moments between day and night. The long exposures often convey aspects of time and motion that would not be recorded during the daytime. Specific locations and monuments in these studies are less important than how they are transformed by the ambiguous presence of both natural and artificial light.

Wayne Hoy has been involved with photography and related processes since the late 1960s. His early work integrated black and white images with large scale sculptural forms, painting canvases, and other non-conventional surfaces. Other directions have included portraiture and color photography in response to his travels through the Western United States and Europe. Much of his work explores formal patterns in human constructions and how they interact with the landscape.

Mr. Hoy’s photography has been represented in various events and competitions around the Bay Area since he became interested in the medium. A major exhibit of his color prints was held in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina in the early 1980s. Selected prints from his current black and white series were exhibited at Axiom Designs in Fremont in 2001. In October 2004, his work was included in the Mostly California exhibit at Chandler Fine Art in San Francisco. In 2013, this series was part of a two-person show with mixed media artist Kuan Chang. In 2014 Chandler Fine Art presented a solo exhibition The Twilight Series which included many of the forty-nine images in the series.

In 2015 the SFO Museum curated a solo show of Wayne’s Twilight Series at SFO Terminal 3

Mr Hoy received his BA and MA degrees in Art from California State University San Jose and is a retired Photography and  Art History teacher at Henry M Gunn High School in Palo Alto, CA

The Twilight Series of photographs are hand-printed selenium-toned gelatin silver prints. 11 x 14 inch. Printed on Ilford paper. Edition of 35.