Alexis Manheim

'A Complicated Remedy'

through January 31 2024

at the Stanton Center Monterey California

Alexis Manheim’s solo show at the Stanton Center  Monterey California. stanton center.  Call to confirm hours.

We will announce our new gallery space in 2024.

Our last exhibition at our Natoma Street location in July 2022 was Carmel, California-based artist Alexis K. Manheim’s new series ”You Miss Me’.

This was the artists seventh solo show at the gallery and although its been a decade since her last exhibition, we continue to see  in these new works the same ‘controlled chaos’ and saturated color as in her previous work.

The exhibition included both her most recent series, where she has moved away from a square format to explore circles as well as selected earlier works.

“Looking at an Alexis Manheim painting, you want to jump into the work. You want to experience the primitive, dreamlike states she paints with so much verve. The playful shapes and colors are almost childlike — squiggles, blotches, ovals, shadings, and lines that originate from an active imagination. A timeline could be drawn from her work through Karel Appel, Wassily Kandinsky, and even cave painters, who share her sense of basic forms and outlines. Manheim, though, is a 21st-century artist who was educated at Stanford, listens to jazz for inspiration and sneaks funny jet planes into her work, where the aircraft speed up, down, and sideways across the contours of less-defined shapes. Ms Manheim, has as much fun with her paintings’ titles (Oh Golly, Circus of Extravagant Lines et al) as with the paintings themselves. She makes abstract art for people who don’t like abstract art.’

Ms Manheim’s work is included in many collections throughout the United States and in Europe and New Zealand.